Dara and Ed’s Great Big Adventure is coming in 2015

Big news for 2015: Ed and Dara will appear on both the BBC and RTE in their show, Dara and Ed’s Great Big Adventure.

The show follows our heroes on their journey along one of the world’s greatest roads, the Pan American Highway.

In 1940 three men, Sullivan Richardson, Arnold Whitaker and Kenneth Van Hee from Detroit attempted to becomes the first people to drive all the way from North to South America. At that time, the Pan American Highway was at best a dirt track; at worst non-existent. As a result, the American press dubbed the men the ‘three damn fools’.

Seventy years on, our own two damn fools have undertaken the first half of the original journey, from the US to Panama, to see for themselves how the construction of the Pan American Highway has transformed the Americas. Ed and Dara will immerse themselves in the cultures that line the road, experience dangers old and new, and meet the people whose lives have been changed by the road, for better or worse.